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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Martin & Josie Taliana

Martin  Taliana   and  Josie Taliana

Architects of Piece
Martin Taliana   and Josie Taliana

In 2006 At the Anniversary 150 Years (1856-2006)
Awarded Martin & Josie Taliana for Appreciation and recognition
for volontary service to the community.
In Dec . 2008 Martin was awarded
The Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence .
By the Governor and Premier of the State.
Martin and Josie

Victorian State Premier John Brumby & Martin Taliana

Governor of Victoria Professor David de Kretser
Martin Taliana and Priemier of Vic. J Brumby

For more profile of Martin & Josie in their association in Tango click on .

To Clear the myths and minds of many.Why and what and where and when,dealing with the etiquette of tango argentino.
Here is an interesting website with good sense about many topics and the reality of tango and the myths of how it should be danced.Well done to the authors . 
Search for Planet tango

OTANGO I wonder how many of you heard about the show http://www.planet-tango.com/ourdance.htm .Just imagin if the Argentine Tango is big in Melbourne; how nice it would be to attract such a fantastic show to be lively seen in our own city. What a boost to the tango itself it would be.Unfortunatly it is not so, the other option is to pack your bag and go and see it in Belguim or Italy,where they do a better job then us in attracting new people in tango.
So if you have a minute and want to find the roots of Buenos Aires Tango and fill your body with goose bumps. Type in http://www.otango.com/ click videos and download the trailer. It just makes you want to dance.

Martin Taliana and  Josie Taliana