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Monday, October 23, 2006


WE are moving from Kensington to East Brunswick after we had a good three months dancingTango or shall we say a "little nostalgia from Buenos Aires."Very nice Enviourment as if we were there dancing with the milongueros.Unfortunatly things keep on changing but for the better.The Old Town Hall had it's problems too bieng a heritage place and were limited in doing things. Now we support this place because it can be our home for a long time.Your support is eveything.It means everything to Tango Bien We can build a club with an enviourment only of warm friendly people who collaborativly help each other to understand what is the Argentine Tango and how it touches us and never let go. Some say it takes two to Tango I say;" It takes who to Tango " Tango Bien will open the doors in this venue on Thursday 2nd of November 2006. from 8.00pm .Good Luck.


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